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Working remotely is easier than ever

At Dossier we've had an increase in international clients, debunking any pessimism that once surrounded working with a New Zealand business from afar. Online communications brought by the pandemic have transformed the way we work, and that's been an enormous benefit for those of us based in the southern hemisphere. Projects involve exactly the same process and time as if they were local, the only additional factor to take into consideration is time-difference.

How does a 12 hour time difference with NZ work?

Working with businesses in Europe is around a 12 hour time difference, NZ is 11-12 hours ahead depending on daylight savings time. So video meetings generally happen in the morning (EU time) which is early evening in NZ. Often email communications happen in EU evenings (NZ mornings) which means tasks can be completed in NZ and ready for EU customers when they wake up. Therefore projects take the same length of time no matter where you reside in the world... depending on your internet connection!

Some of our international clients

We've been fortunate to work with some fab luxury boutique businesses aboard: The Lost Poet in Portobello, London; Palazzo Passerini in Tuscany, Italy; and The Modern Muse in Sydney Australia. Neither of these clients felt projects were hindered by distance, the benefit they all shared was the value for money – work undertaken for clients offshore doesn't include tax.

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