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Thinking sustainably

We've been helping brands transition to more environmentally-friendly brand collateral, here's what we've learnt...

Going digital

As much as we love printed stationery, most brands now only use digital templates. At Dossier we create these in Word (One Drive) or Google Docs. Brochures are another essential marketing asset that are now predominantly digital, as eBooks.

Eco-friendly printing

Print production is another part of the marketing industry rapidly adapting to demand for more sustainable options. Today there is a lot more choice in recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and effort in waste reduction. Printed business cards or small postcards are still a popular brand items and its encouraging to know these can be produced sustainably.


For printed packaging its finding a balance between durability and eco-credentials. Less varnished or laminated card, more uncoated and recycled options. Finishes such as a blind emboss offers a lux premium feel without enviro expense.

Shipping materials

Online retail has increased massively since the pandemic and therefore the increase in packaging materials. Sustainable alternatives to plastic bubble wrap are available, recycled paper just one example. Its about being creative!

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