The Process

So how does this all play out? Here's an overview of the steps involved:

Project scope

I’ll give you a call to say hi and find out exactly what you need and your timings. Then I’ll send through a quote outlining the project and deliverables, along with a contract for you to sign. A non-refundable 25% deposit will be required to secure your booking, see Payment Process below for more.





I’ll send through a questionnaire to find out more about your brand and offering, your likes and dislikes etc. which you’ll return along with any visual references. Then we’ll meet via video chat or in person to discuss in detail. I’ll then compile a rebrief including moodboard to make sure I didn’t miss anything and that we’re on the same page. It’s important you’ve provided us with all details at this point, as the rebrief informs the design. We’ll also establish a timeline with key dates for the deliverables required from both parties.


For a website we’ll create a spec document listing the number of pages, outline of content, navigation, functionality eg. forms, newsletter pop-ups, blog etc. For an e-commerce site it’ll include product architecture/navigation. We'll get you to sign this off before starting design. 

Design Phase


Brand, Graphic, Packaging: Design concepts will be based on the rebrief document, the number of concepts presented depends on what was quoted, for our Brand Package we present 2 concepts. Web: For websites we provide one concept applied to a couple of static page visuals eg. home, services, about. All: Designs will be presented over a screensharing video call and/or by PDF. We’ll require thorough feedback collated into one email or call (this is the 1st of 2 rounds of amends costed for).  



Brand, Graphic, Packaging: We’ll develop a single concept based on your feedback. Web: We’ll build the site based on your feedback. All: We'll require your final feedback collated into one email or call (this is the 2nd of 2 rounds of amends costed for, more are available at an hourly rate). Then final refinements will be made.



If you already have photos and copywriting we’ll get you to send these before starting the design phase. If you don’t have images we can search for stock photography (free or low-cost where possible), or help find a photographer and put together a style guide to get bespoke photos taken. We offer basic copywriting but if more comprehensive or specialised copy is required we have a copywriter who can help, we’ll use placeholder copy in the interim. We also have a database of other NZ based subcontractors such as videographers, printers, illustrators, signage specialists etc.


Production Phase
Brand, Graphic, Packaging

Once design is completed, we’ll create a brand style guide and roll out your items. For digital stationery this may include templates for Word (letterhead), Mailchimp (EDM) and Powerpoint (presentation). For print and packaging this will require sourcing quotes and setting up artwork files to printers specifications. I oversee print production to ensure the end result matches as close as possible to the design you approved onscreen, and can offer full print management for a fee. We arrange for samples to be printed before proceeding with a full print run.


Payment balance is required before handing over files (to you and/or suppliers) and before websites go live.


Payment Process



Our FAQs


I don’t know any photographers, copywriters or printers, can you help?

Yes, I have fantastic people I call on and they offer good value so we can keep the cost manageable for you. They are generally Auckland based, but working remotely is easy if you live elsewhere in NZ, courier services are usually overnight. And if you do already have a supplier, I'm more than happy to work with them.

I have a lot of photo's to share, how can I send large files?

Content can be shared via Dropbox, Google Drive or by sending using free file-sharing website Its important your files are organised into named folders, to make finding images easier our end.

How many rounds of amends can I make?

We allow for 2 rounds of amends, I advise clients to spend quality time with the concepts presented so nothing is missed when you provide feedback, and this must be done in one email or phone/video call. Additional amends can be made, billed at an hourly rate.

I need a job done urgently, is this possible?

Generally yes, if I'm able to push out a less urgent booking, contact me to discuss

I'm not in Auckland, can we work remotely?

Absolutely, and our time in lockdown has proved this is possible. We can video chat via Zoom, Skype or Facetime, work can be presented using screensharing on a video call and/or by PDF (email).

Do you retouch photo's?

Yes we do basic Photoshop retouching inhouse but if the job requires a specialist we can get quotes together for you.

Do you do copywriting?

We can help you with naming, taglines and short brand story messages, but when it comes to generating longer copy for editorial, presentations, brochures or websites we call on a specialist copywriter. Once we establish what you need I can organise a quote.

Do you manage printing?

Yes we can manage printing for you for a fee, this involves sourcing quotes, arranging samples/proofs, managing artwork and checking final proofs on the press. The printing cost is additional, Dossier will invoice you for digital printing, for offset printing we'll organise for you to pay directly. We don't add a mark-up on printing. If you already have a printer lined up I can liaise with them regarding stock options and finishes to quote on. Then I'll set up and supply artwork to their specifications.

How long does a branding project take?

Our Brand Package usually takes around 6 - 8 weeks, but this can vary on both our workloads (yours and mine), if you're unable to give feedback on key dates established in the timeline then delivery will get pushed out. The timeline is a guide, I understand how little time owner-operators have! We can work to your pace.

Can my inhouse designer roll out other items once the new branding is complete?

They sure can, I provide a brand folder which contains logo formats for print and digital use, a style guide (brand guidelines) which specifies colours, fonts, photography style and how all these elements are used together. Note that fonts are usually licenced and will need to be purchased for use your end. We also offer design templates in Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Apple Pages, Photoshop for Mailchimp, and Canva for Instagram. Or if your designer has Adobe CC (InDesign, Illustrator), we can supply our working files created in these programs.

What's the difference between a logo and branding?

A logo is the symbol you'll use to represent your company. Branding is the logo PLUS the fonts and colours you'll use on a page or post, the way you lay out all of these elements, the style of photography you use, the tone-of-voice in your messaging, these are all parts of your brand's identity, your branding. We don't design logos in isolation of the wider brand system.

Price & Payment

Are prices shown in NZ$ and do they include GST?

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars, GST is additional.

Is the 25% deposit refundable?

No it isn't but we have steps in place to ensure you won't have to lose it! Most companies ask for 50% deposit up front, but we've split this into a more managable 25% to start the project, then 25% at the project's midpoint. At the beginning of a project we use the discovery session to find out all your likes and dislikes so it's important to give us as much info as you can at this point to avoid any dissatisfaction later. If you wish to see more concept options or have more rounds of amends outside of the amount quoted, these are available, billed at an hourly rate.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we can, on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch and let's see what we can do, to make your project happen.

What isn't included in your pricing?

Any third party costs such as printing, copywriting, stock photography, bespoke photography, courier services, font licencing etc. We can source quotes for any of these services, or you're welcome to source your end. I have a database of suppliers I use often because they deliver good quality at a good price, and because we have a relationship formed I receive efficient service.


Do you offer hosting?

Wix have competitive monthly hosting options, likewise Shopify. If it's a Wordpress site you're after, our Wordpress developer offers hosting.

I don't have a domain name or email address, can you help?

Yes we can help find you the best domain name available and direct you to payment your end so you can manage ongoing yearly payments, we usually use Go Daddy. Once you have a domain name we can help you get a personalised email set up, this may require purchasing Google G-Suite or Microsoft 365 if you don't already have either.

What web plaform do you use, can I use another?

We mostly use website builder Wix, unlike Squarespace its easier to customise design for your brand. For e-commerce sites we use Wix, Shopify or Wordpress, depending on the site size and complexity. We're not affiliated with any company, we'll help find you the best platform for your needs. All of these platforms have easy-to-use CMS so you can make edits your end, and basic SEO to get you on google.

How many rounds of amends can I make to the site?

We allow for 2 rounds of amends, I advise clients to spend quality time with the web spec and designs presented so nothing is missed when you provide feedback, and this must be done in one email or phone/video call. Additional amends can be made, billed at an hourly rate.

How long does a website take to complete?

It depends on how big or complex the site is. Creating content and content upload is usually the biggest factor in completing a site. If you already have content and its just a small site then around 4 weeks. If content needs to be generated, then 4 - 6 weeks. Larger sites and eCommerce sites 6 - 8 weeks or more, depending on the amount of content and/or products.

How do I share large content files?

Content can be shared via Dropbox, Google Drive / Docs, or by using free file-sharing site

I don't have any content (text or images), can you help?

We'll work out what content you need during the discovery phase, and how to create it. I can help with headers and intro's but when it comes to detailed copy for pages we like to use a specialist copywriter. For images we’ll search for stock photography (free or low-cost where possible), or help find a photographer and put together a visual reference to get bespoke photos taken. We can use placeholder images in the interim.