The Process


So how does this all play out? Here's an overview of the steps involved:

Project scope

Sarah will give you a call and find out exactly what you need and your timings. She'll then compile a rebrief for you to review, to make sure nothing was missed and we're all on the same page. Then we’ll send through a cost estimate outlining the project, deliverables and timeline, along with a contract for you to sign. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be required to secure your booking and start the project.




We’ll dig a bit deeper by sending through a questionnaire to find out everything about your brand and offering, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams;  which you’ll return along with any visual references. Then meet with Sarah via video chat or in-person to discuss everything in detail. It’s important you’ve provided us with all your thoughts at this point, as this informs a strategy for the brand design and/or web work. We'll get you to sign-off the strategy before we proceed with design. 


For websites, we’ll create a spec document listing the number of pages, outline of content, navigation, functionality eg. forms, galleries, blog etc. For an ecommerce site it’ll include product architecture/navigation.

Design Phase


Design concepts will be based on the strategy document and the number of concepts presented depends on what was included in your costing, for our Brand Package we present 2 concepts. For websites we provide 1 concept that includes 3 pages eg. Home, About, Contact. Designs will be presented over a shared screen video call or by email (PDF) with accompanied notes. Your feedback must be collated into one email, doc or call, this is the 1st of 2 rounds of amends included in most costings.



We’ll develop 1 concept based on your feedback. This might be 1 of the 2 concepts presented or elements from both options. For websites we’ll continue to develop the 1 concept based on your feedback, we'll then apply the design development to all web pages. Final feedback must be collated into one email, doc or call, this is the 2nd of 2 rounds of amends included in most costings.Then final refinements will be made.


Content: If you already have photos and copywriting we’ll get you to send these before starting the design phase. If you need us to help create content, check out more info in our FAQs below.


Production Phase

Once design is completed, final production takes place. For branding projects we’ll create a brand style guide and roll out your items. Digital stationery may include a letterhead template (Word or Google Doc), Slide presentation template (Powerpoint or Google Slides), EDM template (Mailchimp or Canva). For print and packaging we'll source production quotes and set up artwork files to printers specifications. We oversee print production to ensure the end result matches as close as possible to the design you approved onscreen, or we can arrange for printed samples before proceeding with a full print run. For websites, once the test site is approved we begin behind-the-scenes prep to get your site live, eg. domain transfer, on-page SEO, testing links and forms etc. 


50% payment balance is required before handing over files (to you and/or suppliers) and before websites go live.


Payment Process



Our FAQs